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Archer Farms Blueberry Flax granola



Even the pickiest of eaters will love our menu. From our Market Pantry® basics to our Archer Farms® specialties, we’re keeping breakfast through dessert, mmm delish.

Archer Farms. Tasty Food. Tasty Price. Premium Food Products

We love coming up with new recipes or adding our own little twist to all-time favourites. An Archer Farms stamp of approval guarantees quality, freshness and things you’ll only find at Target.

Archer Farms. Honey BBQ Rib Flavour crimped protato chips

it’s all in the packaging.

Fresh food tastes the best, so we’ve designed containers with easy-close seals.

Market Pantry

Fill up on all those kitchen-cupboard staples in the same flavours as big brands. You won’t taste a difference, but you’ll see one in your wallet.

Market Pantry Chocolate Chip cookies. Market Pantry wine gums candy

check it off your
list for less.

Get your everyday
essentials for less at Target.

Schneiders Country Naturals Chicken Strips. Archer Farms Spinach & Goat Cheese pizza. Maple Leaf Bacon

Packaging for Glad, Ziploc, Tide, Kleenex, Pampers and Pantene.

save on essentials.

get coupons

There’s even more in store. See you soon! find your store

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